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Offline Termi(omr)

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Beitrag Di 28.04.09 17:32 I-Racing Partnerschaft mit Volkswagen-USA
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Ich denke, dass das evtl. der Anfang vom Ende der Partnerschaft mit LFS ist?!?

Nur zur Info, Zitat der mail, die ich eben bekam:


Online competition winners to receive opportunities
to compete in the on-track series in 2010

ALTON, Va. (April 25, 2009) – Volkswagen of America, Inc. and its SCCA
Pro Racing Jetta TDI Cup series have announced a partnership with
iRacing.com Motorsport Simulations, LLC, that will allow the racing series
to utilize iRacing’s online racing simulations to further enhance
training and recruiting capabilities. The partnership will aid in current
Jetta TDI Cup driver training and identify driver candidates for future

iRacing.com’s internet racing service includes the most accurate racing
simulator available, and its usefulness transcends entertainment, providing
a tool for the development of real-world racing skills. The software allows
racers to compete against each other online in real time, driving
high-fidelity digital versions of real-world racecars on
millimeter-accurate virtual versions of real-world race tracks.

In September, the Jetta TDI Cup series car will join the list of racecars
offered on iRacing.com, and iRacing will launch an online version of the
series, which will be the primary gateway for eligible young drivers to
earn their way into future seasons of the on-track series and start their
careers as professional drivers. Further information regarding the online
series schedule will be released in the coming months.

Competition in the online series is expected to be as fierce and exciting
as the on-track Jetta TDI Cup race action. iRacing.com Jetta TDI Cup series
participants will be battling to earn their way into the 2010 driver
selection event and compete for the chance to receive a fully funded ride
in the 2010 SCCA Pro Racing Jetta TDI Cup series driving the iRacing.com

“This series has always prided itself in being ahead of the curve, and
we’re constantly looking for areas where we can enhance what’s already
one of the most unique racing entities in the U.S. with our clean diesel
platform,” said Clark Campbell, motorsports manager, Volkswagen of
America, Inc. “When iRacing approached us, we thought this was an
excellent way to further our goal of developing the skills of our current
drivers. Plus, it provides us with a relevant recruiting mechanism where we
can select potential future series participants.”

Proprietary technology assures that the iRacing simulations deliver
unprecedented accuracy of track replication and vehicle-handling dynamics.
With curbing, cracks, patches and other trackside features recreated with
precision measured in millimeters, and a physics engine and tire model that
reproduce the feel of each particular car with absolute fidelity, the
result is an experience so authentic that professional racers and
experienced amateurs can hone their skills prior to on-track competition or
testing. The 2009 Jetta TDI Cup drivers are currently using iRacing.com as
a way to familiarize themselves with tracks on the series schedule.

“Our original goal in creating iRacing.com was to produce an online
racing simulation that was so accurate that in addition to the thousands of
fans who race in the service for fun, top professional drivers would want
to use it as a training tool,” said Steve Myers, executive producer,
iRacing.com. “With the testing restrictions that many series have
imposed, many current professional drivers such as Dale Earnhardt Jr.,
Justin Wilson, Alex Gurney and A.J. Allmendinger are regularly competing at
iRacing.com as a form of training as well as for its entertainment value.
We’re really excited about this partnership, as it’s the first time
that any racing simulation has been able to offer an online competitor an
on-track ride in a professional racing series. Through this relationship,
we’ll further demonstrate the link between racing simulation and on-track

The 2009 season marks the second year of competition for the Volkswagen
Jetta TDI Cup, which is sanctioned by SCCA Pro Racing. During the season,
young, up-and-coming drivers (ages 16-26) will compete in 10 events on
eight road courses around North America in identical factory-prepared and
maintained clean diesel Jetta TDI’s powered by Syndiesel® B5 blended
biodiesel. Each driver competing in the series will earn a Pro Racing
license from SCCA at the conclusion of the season. In addition, the series
champion will win $100,000.

The Jetta TDI Cup car is powered by a 2.0-liter, 170 hp, four-cylinder TDI
clean diesel engine mated to a six-speed, double-clutch, automatic DSG
transmission. The car is only slightly modified from stock with Pirelli
racing tires, race suspension and brake components, drivers racing safety
seat, FIA roll cage and an on-board fire extinguisher system. Series
sponsors include: Pirelli, Bosch, ViON, Castrol, Oakley, Red Bull,
HYPERFUELS, Aggreko, defNder, Lamin-X, Meguiar’s, Safety-Kleen, Ringer
Gloves, Jim Russell Racing School and Trellis Earth.

Follow the Volkswagen Jetta TDI Cup series action on:
Volkswagen Online Newsroom: media.vw.com

Volkswagen of America, Inc.
Founded in 1955, Volkswagen of America, Inc. is headquartered in Herndon,
Virginia. It is a subsidiary of Volkswagen AG, headquartered in Wolfsburg,
Germany. Volkswagen is one of the world’s largest producers of passenger
cars and Europe’s largest automaker. Volkswagen sells the Rabbit, New
Beetle, New Beetle convertible, GTI, Jetta, Jetta SportWagen, Eos, GLI,
Passat, Passat wagon, CC, Tiguan, Touareg 2 and Routan through
approximately 600 independent U.S. dealers. All 2009 Volkswagens come
standard-equipped with Electronic Stabilization Program. This is important
because the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has
called ESC the most effective new vehicle safety technology since the
safety belt. Visit Volkswagen of America online at vw.com or
www.media.vw.com to learn more.

About iRacing.com
iRacing.com was founded in September of 2004 by Dave Kaemmer and John
Henry. Kaemmer was co-founder of Papyrus Design Group, developers of
award-winning racing simulations including NASCAR Racing: 2003 Season and
Grand Prix Legends. Henry is principal owner of the Boston Red Sox and
Fenway Sports Group – the co-owner of Roush Fenway Racing – as well as
an avid simracer. The iRacing team combines more than 100 years of
real-world racing experience with more than 50 years of successful racing
simulation development. The company has developed numerous corporate
relationships in the motorsport industry, including agreements to develop
track simulations with International Speedway Corporation, Speedway
Motorsports, and Panoz Motor Sports Group and vehicles with Volkswagen,
General Motors, Riley Technologies, Radical Sportscars, and 600 Racing.
iRacing is the official simulation partner of the Star Mazda Championship
and the Skip Barber Racing School. The service is open to racers and fans
of all skill levels from top-level pros to complete beginners. To join in
the fun, go to www.iRacing.com.

SCCA Pro Racing
A wholly owned subsidiary of Sports Car Club of America, Inc., SCCA Pro
Racing Ltd. is a leading sanctioning body for motorsports events in the
United States. A member of the Automobile Competition Committee of the
United States (ACCUS), SCCA Pro Racing operates and sanctions the
Volkswagen Jetta TDI Cup, as well as provides sanctioning and various
operational services for other racing series. For more information, please
visit www.sccapro.com."
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Offline SiL-X
Silvio Krieg

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Beitrag Di 28.04.09 17:44 
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100,000 Dollar?
Das is nett! :O
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Offline God Complex

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Beitrag Di 28.04.09 17:50 
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Offline Modde
Guido M.

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Beitrag Di 28.04.09 18:04 
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Warum sollte denn eine iR Partnerschaft fokusiert auf den SCCA
Pro Racing Jetta TDI Cup das Ende der Partnerschaft mit LFS bedeuten?
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Offline Termi(omr)

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Beitrag Di 28.04.09 18:09 
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God Complex hat Folgendes geschrieben

Sorry, hab ich nich gesehen. Hab nur die Überschriften überflogen.
*Kann dann gern gelöscht werden Zwinker

Weil ich denke, dass das nur der Anfang ist, und wenn I-Racing da mit viel Tempo weitermacht, wird VW sich bestimmt auf den Partner konzentrieren, der auch ein wenig aus den Puschen kommt.
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Offline ........

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Beitrag Di 28.04.09 18:40 
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neues kostenloses auto und netzcode verbessert ? gleich mal anschmeissen!
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Offline marcione

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Beitrag Di 28.04.09 18:57 
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tja toll so ein jetta tdi leider ist der preis für ira$ing scheisse.
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Offline FRF|electriC

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Beitrag Di 28.04.09 20:18 
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ist doch lächerlich. Was doll der Thread überhaupt. Schwachsinn!
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