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Guido M.

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Beitrag Fr 14.11.08 9:15 
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Corvette C6r kommt für iRacing

Dale Earnhardt Jr. im Interview in SPEED TV’s Windtunnel.
Weiter Infos dazu hier.
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Offline marcione

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Beitrag Do 20.11.08 21:58 
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Watkins Glen International Joins iRacing Legendary Road-Racing Circuit to be Added to Motorsport Simulation and Internet Racing Service

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Guido M.

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Beitrag Fr 30.01.09 10:35 
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Heute am 30.01.09 erscheint der nächste Patch für iRacing:


Replays page

Saved replays are stored on your local hard drive. The web interface to your saved replays allows you to filter which ones you'd like to look for and easily launch the simulator to view them.

STATS > Clubs & Divisions has been removed and replaced by STATS > Regional
Here, you can look up Overall Standings and Standings by Series for current and past seasons. Several new data columns have been added. Top 10 and Top 25 Drivers may be looked up by Region, Club, and Division under Standings by Series.

Home Page Region Standings

These standings have been enhanced to provide Top 5 drivers per Race Type, Division, Region, and Club.

Home Page Reigning Champs

This has been enhanced to provide champions lookup for all past seasons.

Race, Qualify & Time Trial What’s Hot Widget

The columns ‘time’, ‘track’, and ‘session type’ have been added to the widget. This will make it possible to know the type of session (race, qualify or time trial) and track before going the sessions page.

Open Practice What’s Hot Widget

This widget has been added to the home page to support open practice sessions and displays the ‘sessionid’, ‘series’, ‘track’, ‘no. of registered drivers’, ‘time left in the session’ and ‘drivers list of registered users’. This widget updates approx. every 30 secs. Mousing over the helmet will provide the list of currently registered/participating members.

Session Page - Open Practice

Open Practice sessions have replaced ‘Practice’ sessions. Each open practice session will display how much time is left in the session, and mousing over the grey helcot_bgimage_1met next to the session will provide a list of currently registered/participating members for that session.

Series Page

A Minimum Participation Requirement (MPR) indicator has been added to the Series page. A green arrow or yellow equal sign indicates that participating in this series will count toward the MPR for license advancement (you will be “racing up” or in your license class). A red arrow indicates that participating in this series will not count toward the MPR, since you would be “racing down”.

Browser Support

As WebKit-based browsers gain popularity for their faster, leaner browser experience, we are adding support for these browsers, including Safari and Chrome.


Race Control

Local yellow flags are available in road course practice, qualifying, and race sessions to warn you of possible trouble ahead. These are currently informational only, there is no penalty for passing while under a local yellow. A local yellow will appear as a blinking yellow flag in the top left corner of the screen

Blue flags are available in road course qualifying and race sessions. Blue flags are informational only, advising you that you may be impeding someone. In a road course qualifying session, if you are on your out lap and someone who has finished their out lap (and is therefore likely to be on a hot lap) is close behind you, a blue flag will appear in the top left corner of the screen. In a road course race session, if anyone about to lap you or multiple laps up on you is close behind you you will see the blue flag.

Trackside caution lights and the pace car's lights now work.


The spotter is disabled by default, and can be enabled in-sim under Options / Sound.

Volume can be adjusted by setting volume up/down controls in Opcot_bgimage_1tions / Controls and use those controls while in-car.

Currently, the spotter only warns you of nearby cars. Much more is planned for the future.


Replays can be edited & saved in-sim.

To save part of a replay:

On the Replay screen, click on the tools (‘wrench and hammer’) button in the replay controls to show the edit controls.
Move the current view to the start or end of the portion you want to save and press the ‘scissors’ button to mark where you want to cut from.
Move the current view to the other end of the portion you want to save and press the ‘disk’ button.
Name your replay and save.

To save the entire replay:

Show the edit controls as explained above.
Don’t set any cut points. You can clear an existing cut point by clicking on the ‘undo’ button.
Press the ‘disk’ button to save.
Name your replay and save.

You can view replays on computers that don’t have pedals. The ‘drive’ button will be replaced with ‘Configure Controls’.


The sim can be launched without needing to configure controls; you still need to configure your controls to enter your car. If you have unconfigured controls, the ‘Drive’ button will be labeled, ‘Configure Controls’ and will bring up the options screen.

Open Practice Sessions

Support for open practice sessions has been added. On the sessions page, each running open session displays a session number, the remaining time, the number of drivers currently on track versus the number of drivers allowed on track at once, and your ping to the server. A list of the drivers in the session is available by mousing over the helmet next to the session info.

To join a session, click the red session link, and the racot_bgimage_1ce panel will briefly display “staging,” followed by a “join” button. If the session fills up before you are able to register you will instead receive a message that the session has become full.

Each open practice session has a limit of how many drivers can be on track at the same time. When the track is full, no other drivers may join the session until someone else withdraws. Also, each open practice session’s entry list is currently limited to a total of 64 unique drivers. Once the entry list has become full, only drivers who were previously in the session, and therefore already in the entry list, can re-join it.

If you get disconnected from an open practice session you can simply click the join button again to get back on track. But, if you wait too long (about 4 minutes), you will be automatically withdrawn. If this happens, you need to go to the “select session” web page and re-register for the session. Once you re-join you will get your old car back.

Finally, when a new driver first comes out on track you might see them for several seconds in a white car, and with gray helmet images in the user interface - this is working as designed. After your system finishes creating their textures and helmet images, their proper paint schemes should appear.


The Chevy Impala SS has been added.


The suspension on the truck has been improved—better and more realistic available travel, the perch adjustability should allow enough range of ride height, spring rate, cross weight, etc. The aero numbers for the truck are improved.

The “backwards aero” issue has been fixed.

There is now a minimum tire pressure required at each track for the Truck (and Impala) which follows what is required in the real world.

There is now a maximum right height for the Truck (and Impala).

The tires on the Truck and Impala have more of a fall off in grip as the tires wear.
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Guido M.

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Beitrag Mi 15.04.09 19:19 
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Ford Mustang und Ford GT kommen

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Guido M.

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Beitrag Sa 25.04.09 19:32 
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Volkswagen Announces Partnership with iRacing.com to Aid in Jetta TDI Cup Driver Training and Candidate Identification: Online Competition Winners to Receive Opportunities to Compete in the On-track Series in 2010

ALTON, VA (April 25, 2009) - Volkswagen of America, Inc. and its SCCA Pro Racing Jetta TDI Cup series have announced a partnership with iRacing.com Motorsport Simulations, LLC, that will allow the racing series to utilize iRacing's online racing simulations to further enhance training and recruiting capabilities. The partnership will aid in current Jetta TDI Cup driver training and identify driver candidates for future seasons.

iRacing.com's internet racing service includes the most accurate racing simulator available, and its usefulness transcends entertainment, providing a tool for the development of real-world racing skills. The software allows racers to compete against each other online in real time, driving high-fidelity digital versions of real-world racecars on millimeter-accurate virtual versions of real-world race tracks.

In September, the Jetta TDI Cup series car will join the list of racecars offered on iRacing.com, and iRacing will launch an online version of the series, which will be the primary gateway for eligible young drivers to earn their way into future seasons of the on-track series and start their careers as professional drivers. Further information regarding the online series schedule will be released in the coming months.

Competition in the online series is expected to be as fierce and exciting as the on-track Jetta TDI Cup race action. iRacing.com Jetta TDI Cup series participants will be battling to earn their way into the 2010 driver selection event and compete for the chance to receive a fully funded ride in the 2010 SCCA Pro Racing Jetta TDI Cup series driving the iRacing.com car.

"This series has always prided itself in being ahead of the curve, and we're constantly looking for areas where we can enhance what's already one of the most unique racing entities in the U.S. with our clean diesel platform," said Clark Campbell, motorsports manager, Volkswagen of America, Inc. "When iRacing approached us, we thought this was an excellent way to further our goal of developing the skills of our current drivers. Plus, it provides us with a relevant recruiting mechanism where we can select potential future series participants."

Proprietary technology assures that the iRacing simulations deliver unprecedented accuracy of track replication and vehicle-handling dynamics. With curbing, cracks, patches and other trackside features recreated with precision measured in millimeters, and a physics engine and tire model that reproduce the feel of each particular car with absolute fidelity, the result is an experience so authentic that professional racers and experienced amateurs can hone their skills prior to on-track competition or testing. The 2009 Jetta TDI Cup drivers are currently using iRacing.com as a way to familiarize themselves with tracks on the series schedule.

"Our original goal in creating iRacing.com was to produce an online racing simulation that was so accurate that in addition to the thousands of fans who race in the service for fun, top professional drivers would want to use it as a training tool," said Steve Myers, executive producer, iRacing.com. "With the testing restrictions that many series have imposed, many current professional drivers such as Dale Earnhardt Jr., Justin Wilson, Alex Gurney and A.J. Allmendinger are regularly competing at iRacing.com as a form of training as well as for its entertainment value. We're really excited about this partnership, as it's the first time that any racing simulation has been able to offer an online competitor an on-track ride in a professional racing series. Through this relationship, we'll further demonstrate the link between racing simulation and on-track racing."

The 2009 season marks the second year of competition for the Volkswagen Jetta TDI Cup, which is sanctioned by SCCA Pro Racing. During the season, young, up-and-coming drivers (ages 16-26) will compete in 10 events on eight road courses around North America in identical factory-prepared and maintained clean diesel Jetta TDIs powered by Syndiesel® B5 blended biodiesel. Each driver competing in the series will earn a Pro Racing license from SCCA at the conclusion of the season. In addition, the series champion will win $100,000.

The Jetta TDI Cup car is powered by a 2.0-liter, 170 hp, four-cylinder TDI clean diesel engine mated to a six-speed, double-clutch, automatic DSG transmission. The car is only slightly modified from stock with Pirelli racing tires, race suspension and brake components, drivers racing safety seat, FIA roll cage and an on-board fire extinguisher system. Series sponsors include: Pirelli, Bosch, ViON, Castrol, Oakley, Red Bull, HYPERFUELS, Aggreko, defNder, Lamin-X, Meguiar's, Safety-Kleen, Ringer Gloves, Jim Russell Racing School and Trellis Earth.

Follow the Volkswagen Jetta TDI Cup series action on:

Volkswagen Online Newsroom: media.vw.com
Facebook: http://tinyurl.com/JettaTDICup
Twitter: http://twitter.com/VWJettaTDICup

Volkswagen of America, Inc.
Founded in 1955, Volkswagen of America, Inc. is headquartered in Herndon, Virginia. It is a subsidiary of Volkswagen AG, headquartered in Wolfsburg, Germany. Volkswagen is one of the world's largest producers of passenger cars and Europe's largest automaker. Volkswagen sells the Rabbit, New Beetle, New Beetle convertible, GTI, Jetta, Jetta SportWagen, Eos, GLI, Passat, Passat wagon, CC, Tiguan, Touareg 2 and Routan through approximately 600 independent U.S. dealers. All 2009 Volkswagens come standard-equipped with Electronic Stabilization Program. This is important because the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has called ESC the most effective new vehicle safety technology since the safety belt. Visit Volkswagen of America online at vw.com or www.media.vw.com to learn more.

SCCA Pro Racing
A wholly owned subsidiary of Sports Car Club of America, Inc., SCCA Pro Racing Ltd. is a leading sanctioning body for motorsports events in the United States. A member of the Automobile Competition Committee of the United States (ACCUS), SCCA Pro Racing operates and sanctions the Volkswagen Jetta TDI Cup, as well as provides sanctioning and various operational services for other racing series. For more information, please visit www.sccapro.com.

About iRacing.com
iRacing.com was founded in September of 2004 by Dave Kaemmer and John Henry. Kaemmer was co-founder of Papyrus Design Group, developers of award-winning racing simulations including NASCAR Racing: 2003 Season and Grand Prix Legends. Henry is principal owner of the Boston Red Sox and Fenway Sports Group – the co-owner of Roush Fenway Racing – as well as an avid simracer. The iRacing team combines more than 100 years of real-world racing experience with more than 50 years of successful racing simulation development. The company has developed numerous corporate relationships in the motorsport industry, including agreements to develop track simulations with International Speedway Corporation, Speedway Motorsports, and Panoz Motor Sports Group and vehicles with General Motors, Riley Technologies, Radical Sportscars, and 600 Racing. iRacing is the official simulation partner of the Star Mazda Championship and the Skip Barber Racing School.

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Guido M.

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Beitrag Di 28.04.09 11:07 
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Heute neues iRacing Update

Vor dem Start der neuen Saison erscheint heute
ab cirka 14 Uhr deutscher Zeit wie alle 3 Monate ein
neues Update.

Ein paar Eckdaten des ChangeLog:

- PayPal Integration
- Neues Road Car Spec Racer Ford (kostenlos) - also Rookie Car
- Neues Oval Car Chevrolet Impala SS (NASCAR Nationwide Series) als Class B Fahrzeug
- Neue Strecke Road Atlanta
- Die Silverado Motorleistung wurde dem Original Fahrzeug angeglichen
- Die Aerodynamik Werte beim Silverdo wurden überarbeitet/weiterentwickelt
- Weiterentwicklung des Physik Models. Das Reifenmodel für Impala and Silverado wurde überarbeitet
- Die Getriebübersetzungen einiger Fahrzeuge wurde überarbeitet
- Weiterentwicklung im Cardesign Manager
- Veränderungen beim Saison Punktesystem. Bislang wurden die gefahrenen Rennen pro Woche
als Mittelwert gerechnet. Mit dem Update wird nur noch die Hälfte - also die besten
50 % der Rennen gemittelt.
- Die Rennwoche beginnt nun immer dienstags um Mitternacht GMT. Von daher wird die Week-13
(Rennwoche zwischen den Seasons) um 2 Tage verlängert.
- Der Preis für eine 1-monatige Mitglieschaft wurde auf 19 $ gesenkt.
- Oval Rennen: Unfälle in der letzten Runde erzeuge keine Yellow mehr.
- Spotter: Neue Meldung bei low-fuel
- Spotter: Der Spotter supportet nun auch Meldungen in Sachen Racepace sowie weiteren Angaben
die auch visuell am Bildschirm bereits angezeigt werden.
- Mögliche Verbesserungen bei der Systemperformance betagterer Rechner
- Web: Überarbeitung der Race-Results Page
- Web: Die Stats wurden um Weltrekorde erweitert
- Verbesserung des Netcodes
- Neue Grafikoption hinzugefügt: "High Resolution Car Textures". Die unmittelbar vor einem befindlichen
Fahrzeuge werden als HiRes Skins dargestellt.
- In den Rennenserien C, B und A sind ab sofort keine limitieren Resets über SHIFT-R möglich.
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Guido M.

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Beitrag So 14.06.09 14:38 
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Brands Hatch & Oulton Park kommen für iRacing

Nach Silverstone kommen die beiden Tracks als weitere Europa Strecken. Möglicherweise nur ein erster Auftakt zu folgenden interessanten EU Umsetzungen (munkelt man) ...

Hier gehts zu den News der iR Seite
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Guido M.

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Beitrag Mo 06.07.09 15:11 
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Herrje, nun kommt auch noch ZANDVOORT Smilie

Circuit Park Zandvoort to Be First European Track in iRacing: Joins UK’s Silverstone, Brands Hatch & Oulton Park as Initial Additions Outside North America

BEDFORD, MA (July 6, 2009) – Most visitors to seaside sand dunes are there to swim and lounge on the beach; in the Netherlands, hard on the North Sea, they come to Circuit Park Zandvoort to race cars. Under the terms of an agreement jointly announced today by Exploitatie Circuit Park Zandvoort B.V. and iRacing.com Motorsport Simulations, LLC, drivers from all over the world will be able to experience the challenge of this classic European road-racing facility and compete with each other in organized races there just by logging onto the iRacing motorsport simulation service over the internet.

“The last Dutch Grand Prix was held in 1985, but as the host to 30 editions of the race, Zandvoort has more than its share of history,” said Divina Galica, iRacing’s director of partner relations. “We’re very pleased to be able to make the latest version of this great racing facility – now home to DTM, Formula 3 and many club events – available to iRacing’s membership. Last month we initiated the expansion of our track offerings beyond our base in North America with the addition in the UK of Brands Hatch and Oulton Park to Silverstone, which is already available to iRacing members. Circuit Park Zandvoort, the site of so much motorsport history, is a particularly appropriate first European track. Our members from all over the world will enjoy racing there.”

The list of winners of the Dutch Grand Prix at Zandvoort reads like a Who’s Who of the first four decades of Formula One, beginning with Alberto Ascari in the first World Championship event in 1952, and including Juan Manuel Fangio, Stirling Moss, Jackie Stewart, Jochen Rindt, Graham Hill, Jack Brabham, Jacky Ickx, Niki Lauda, James Hunt, Mario Andretti, Alan Jones and Nelson Piquet. But Zandvoort’s greatest master was Jim Clark, winner four times in the five races held from 1963 through 1967.

“In addition to our many fans, who will now be able through iRacing to have the fun of racing on the circuit themselves in the virtual world, we have real-world racers come from all over Europe and the UK to compete at Circuit Park Zandvoort” said Bart de Snaijer, Circuit Park Zandvoort’s marketing manager. “With our partnership with iRacing and their creation of a millimeter-accurate virtual version of the facility, now drivers who are making their first visit will be able to learn our very challenging track before they arrive for the race meet. And everyone will have the chance to get up to speed before the weekend begins.”

de Snaijer noted that while Tarzan, the 180-degree hairpin at the end of the start/finish straight, is the best-known of the dozen named corners on the 2.672-mile track, Scheivlak is the most challenging, and the turn that newcomers will profit most from by pre-race practice in the iRacing service.

“Scheivlak – there is no English word for it – is famous for its high speeds, changes in elevation and the fact that it’s a blind corner”, de Snaijer said. “Drivers either fear or love it. In a fast car a driver approaches the turn at a speed of 260 km/h (160 mph) and can’t even see the start of the turn until they are right on top of it because the track elevation changes. They enter the turn with a speed of 220 km/h (135 mph). The track drops about 10 meters (33 feet) in height and for three quarters of the way through the corner, they can’t see the exit. A driver can only understand the true rush of this turn when he or she has experienced it, whether in the physical world or in the virtual one.”

Circuit Park Zandvoort is the fifth major configuration of the track since it opened in 1948. While no more than a quarter of the original layout is part of today’s modern track, what all iterations have had in common is a combination of dauntingly fast sweeping corners and tight slow corners that demand technical perfection. Circuit Park Zandvoort is expected to join the iRacing track inventory early next year.
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Thomas Facklam

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Beitrag Do 05.11.09 12:47 Sooo, mit kleiner Verspätung, das mächtige Update
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Grosses Build-Update heute zum Saisonwechsel!!!

Build 2009.10.26.01 Release Notes

Website updates

Series, Car, and Track pages
-Re-organized to make it easier to find the series, car, or track you are looking for. Series are grouped based on license; content is grouped based on status.

- Club scoring summary added to race results
-Driver stats have been expanded to include the driver's club and the driver's total Gross Club Points.
- In several areas of the site where club points are displayed, the information has been expanded to include Club Points, Club Points Multiplier, and Net club Points
-Results for sub-sessions are now easily viewable. If a session has been split, mousing over the result icon for that session will cause a pop-up to appear. The subsessions may each be selected within this pop-up.

Race Planner (to be released in the near future)
- A Dashboard gadget. Allows users to show their intent to participate in races for an entire season worth of racing. Races will become joinable 30 minutes prior to their scheduled start. This gadget will not auto-register drivers -- registration must be done manually.

Fast Track Licensing
- If your license is in the range Class C ... Pro, and at the end of a session your Safety Rating is less than 1.00, you will be immediately demoted as many license levels as are required to bring your SR back to or above 1.00, but in no case will you be demoted below Class D if you currently hold that license or higher.
- If your license is in the range Rookie ... Class B, at the end of a session you will be immediately promoted to the next higher license if (a) your Safety Rating is 4.00 or higher, and (b) you have met the Minimum Participation Requirements for your current license level.
- If you have a Class A license and you are a member of the current Pro class, at the end of a session you will be immediately promoted back into Pro if your Safety Rating is 4.00 or higher.
- The Rookie (thrice per Season) license promotions, and Standard (once per Season) license promotions/demotions will continue unchanged.

Hosted iRacing
- Hosted sessions enable you to create personalized race events at any time for a cost of $3.00.
- Hosted sessions can only be purchased with iRacing Dollars and/or iRacing Credits at this time.
- It is possible to load iRacing Dollars into your account by purchasing a gift certificate and redeeming it yourself. You can redeem a gift certificate without purchasing anything as follows:
***Click on the “View Cart” link at the top of the page
***Enter your gift certificate code into the box and click the “Apply” button
***Follow the instructions on the screen to complete your gift card redemption order
- All hosted sessions features are accessible from a new “HOSTED” top level navigation menu selection.
- Hosted sessions cannot be scheduled for the future. They are launched at the time of purchase and are typically ready to join within 60 seconds of purchase.
- There is no charge to join a race and you can register to join a hosted session from the “join a race” page. This page refreshes automatically.
- You can select the car and track, practice, qual and race length/duration as well as several other options such as number of racers, starting type (rolling vs. standing), number of fast tows allowed and full course cautions (on or off).
- The list of available tracks is a function of which tracks are loaded onto the selected server farm.
- It is not possible to configure hosted sessions with multiple car classes at this time.
- You can make your hosted sessions private by providing a session password and giving the password to your friends.
- Hosted sessions are not official races and do not impact your Safety Rating or iRating.
- The total duration of a hosted session should not exceed 4 hours. Race servers will enforce this limit by shortening a hosted session if it lasts too long.
- You can output hosted session race results to CSV. A button will appear on the hosted sessions event results page when appropriate. The button will not appear if the session didn’t include a race component.

- New group dialog tab gives the following functionality:
***double click on a camera to set it active
***add/remove cameras from group
***delete camera if not in any group
***view active camera and shot quality in real time
***sort by name or shot quality
***Camera groups can be added/deleted at will now (tv1 etc). You can remove all but the on car groups, and add up to 32 groups.
***New groups insert after the current one.
***Enable/disable automatic shot selection (ctrl-t is hot key). This effectively locks the current camera active until you manually switch to another shot using the group dialog or the 'b' and 'shift-b' buttons.
- Mouse aiming mode
***activated with ctrl-z.
***hit ctrl-z again to save new camera position (only for fixed cameras)
***hit esc to cancel edit.
***left mouse button flies forward, right flies backwards.
***moving the mouse modifies yaw and pitch.

- Cameras can be renamed
- static no longer shown when transitioning from practice to race
- Added overlap to start/end, should reduce 'flashing' in tv cameras
- key binding cancels when switching away from edit dialog
- Improved behavior of chopper when it can not keep up and improved reset of chopper position
- Blimp/chopper shots only last 10 seconds now
- fixed camtool ui so slider/text controls grey out when disabled
- Stop cameras from flashing at transitions
- Fixed pan to next focus car
- Separated driving FOV adjustment from camtool fov adjustment
- Added support for analog control of fov
- Increased dead zone to better support xbox 360 controller
- Cameras no longer flash when adjusting tape head in replay.
- Ctrl-F12 toggles cam_tool ui instead of only setting it active.
- Joystick does not interfere with key acceleration when using the keyboard and joystick at same time
- Added reset button on settings tab to reset key mappings in camtool to defaults
- New Joystick calibration dialog in the cam_tool setup tab
- Camera yaw/pitch movement is now proportional to FOV
- New file format supports any number of groups/cameras in groups
- removed "All TV" it is redundant when you can make your own
- push to talk works when camtool is up
- Key repeat works on frame step when using a mouse to click on the button
- you can see a visible camera when viewing the camera itself (alt-Q) in the camera tool. Makes it easy to place cameras exactly where you want them.
- can load/save car/track cameras at any time to any filename you want, so it's easier to have multiple sets of camera files available. (But does not yet remember which sets of cameras were selected.)
- Camera field of view gets wider on very wide aspect ratio displays (triple head) so TV cams don't zoom in too much and cut off detail. But by getting so much wider there may be artifacting from very close objects getting cut off in the wider views.
- Added scenic group that gets the shot when the focus car is lost. Useful for putting some cameras in that show the track itself.
- Oncar cameras go to static for 3 seconds when focus car is lost.
- Store last select camera group and cam file in cameras.ini and load at startup.
- Able to toggle view mode and use shot q when driving camera selected.

Setup Sharing

- In the Garage you can share your current setup with other people in the session by pressing the "Share" button. You can make a setup available to everyone, to members of your club, or to a specific person. Setups shared with everyone or with teammates are stored on the server and will be available for the entire session, even if you disconnect. Setups shared with an individual are available until they exit the sim and can only be shared while they are connected.
- You can load any setup that has been shared with you by clicking on the "Shared" button in the garage. Setups shared directly with you (eg, not to everyone or to clubmates) are available until you exit the sim.
- Shared setups can be loaded and then saved to disk for later use.


- All changes require the Apply button to be pressed before the garage can be exited. Some adjustments are still shown live, but must be applied to exit.
- The garage can be viewed during a race, but no changes to the setup are allowed.


- Voice Packs can be selected from within the sim in Options / Sound. You'll need to restart the sim for a newly selected voice pack to take effect. For information on using and making spotter packs, see: http://members.iracing.com/iforum/th...ssageID=430723
- Added a "TJ Majors and Lance McGrew" spotter package. (to be released in the near future)

Graphics options

- A new graphics option "reduce Z-fighting" has been added, mainly to help reduce shadow flickering from the cockpit view. This option also helps prevent ground from drawing through the cockpit floor.
- removed triple buffering from options screen, it still exists in the render.ini file, but called "TwoBackBuffers". D3D does not support true triple buffering, the option was a hold over from OpenGL support.
- new option added, "Cap frame queue", which tells the sim not to queue up more than 1 frame at a time for rendering to reduce latency. Defaults to on (which is our usual behavior). Turning this option off may increase controller lag.
- The limit frame rate limit option was modified to improve its accuracy.


Replays have been changed so that they record the actually transmitted car positions for all the cars, instead of the locally extrapolated positions, which have errors due to latency. This means you are seeing what actually happened on each client computer, not what was "guessed" at on your computer in the few tenths of a second of transmission latency. This should make it more useful when examining another driver's line and braking points.

There are still some issues to be aware of when interpreting what you see in a replay. It is now possible that two cars can merge slightly without a collision occurring. This would happen if neither car "guessed" that a collision occurred during the latency period, but in fact one did, if it had been possible to know that. Count that as a lucky day, if that happens to you. It is also possible that it appears that two cars do not touch, and yet collision forces are applied to one car or the other, or both. That's the same issue in reverse, an unlucky day. There is no difference in lucky vs. unlucky days from what happens with the old code, but now it looks different in the replay (although not while you are driving in real-time; then you are still seeing the extrapolated "guesses", obviously).

For now, opponent smoke and skid marks appear at the extrapolated positions, so it may appear that skid marks are appearing a couple feet away from where the spinning car actually is. We are going to work on that. Also, the altitude of the cars will sometimes appear to jump up or down a little bit, as the altitude is not always transmitted, so it comes from the extrapolated guess at times. We are going to work on that, as well.

If you, like Grant Reeve, have your sensibilities offended by the fact that the replay no longer matches what you saw while driving, then you can change an entry in your "My Documents\iRacing\app.ini" file--

Under the [Replay] line change the line


and then your replays will be the same as before. Don't get unduly upset with other drivers for swerving, if you do that, though--they are probably just latency-induced swerves.

Remote cars

- Remote cars now generate skids, smoke, and dust.
- Remote cars should flash less

Race Control

- Gained-time warnings ("Slow Down") can now be carried across the start/finish line. Doing so will cause both laptimes to be invalid (---). But trying to carry it over the start/finish to finish your race will result in an instant black flag and post race penalty.

- Bumped the time allowed to obey a Slow Down warning to 40 seconds from 20.
- Bumped the base time for Fast Tows from 15 seconds to 30 seconds.
- Made improvements to how long a person who has missed the start waits before being allowed into their pit stall.
- When joining an in-progress server (eg: open practice) you should now see lap times for cars who were once connected but are not now.
- Blue flags will no longer be waved if you are still finishing your race and the leaders who have finished already are behind you.
- Green flags should fly a couple of second’s earlier on longer tracks.
- The delay for showing the pit entry pop-up is reduced.

Black Boxes

- F1 black box shows car ahead/behind during races.
- F2, F3 black boxes show your best lap time, laps remaining, and total laps during races.
- Any cars that have cockpit adjustable brake bias allowed now have it on F8 in the blackboxes.


- Wind noise has been reduced.
- Engine braking has been reduced by quite a lot on the Impala B non-plate motor, the Silverado Non-plate motor, the Spec racer and Jetta. Engine braking has been increased marginally on all three plate motors (Silverado, Impala and Impala B).
- Automatic throttle cut on upshift has been activated for the C6R, Dallara, Formula Mazda, Radical, and Riley DP.
- Silverado, Impala and Impala B diff ratios are restricted at certain tracks. The ratios are fixed at Loudon, Phoenix, and Milwaukee for all three vehicles and at Martinsville for the Impala.
- Star Mazda tire sizes and physics have been altered in physics to match this year's specs and front and rear wings are remodeled.
- Dallara IndyCar ( to be released in the near future)
- Corvette C6.R GT1 ( to be released in the near future)


- Talladega has an update to fix a "slippery" seam in the tri-oval part of the track.
- At Road Atlanta a few curbs have been corrected, they were flat instead of having the correct profile to them.
- At Texas Oval the pit speed pop-up should now come out earlier.
- At Infineon some bumps and curbs have been fixed.
- Mosport (to be released in the near future)


Unverifiable third party replacements of system DLLs (including D3D9.DLL and DINPUT8.DLL) utilized by the simulator will now result in loading errors. If you encounter a Loading Error #66, please remove any third party replacements of D3D9.DLL, DINPUT8.DLL or other imposter system DLLs from your iRacing installation.
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Hier mal eine leicht andere Variante von "Zeit", was "Christmas" angeht Zwinker :

Christmas is coming early for iRacers, whether theyve been naughty or nice. iRacing.com is adding a sleigh-load offree cars and tracks to its base package in the weeks and months ahead. You read that right -- free!

iRacing Rookie or veteran, you’ll be able to take advantage of the enhanced base package beginning in early July with the release of legendary Thompson International Speedway, the high-banked Connecticut bull ring that has been synonymous with New England motorsports for more than half a century.

Of course, you’ll need a shiny new car to race at Thompson. How about a Tour Modified? The faster cousin of the SK Modified that has long been a staple of the iRacing garage is poised to join the service as well. iRacers who already own an SK Modified will see the Tour Modified automatically added to their inventory, while those new to the Modified sim racing scene will receive both the SK and Tour Modifieds with a single purchase. Like Thompson, the Tour Modified will be available in early July for practice and hosted racing, with official race series kicking-off in Season Three.

What could be better than a free new track and a shiny new race car? How about a free new track and two shiny new race cars? As hinted a few weeks ago, we’re also adding a street stock to the base package, one fresh from the JR Motorsports shop. Available in late 2010, the street stock will also be free to all iRacers.

Have we forgotten our road racers? Not hardly. One of iRacing’s worst-kept secrets is the fact that we’ll be adding the Mazda MX5 to our stable later this year. But we’ll bet you didn’t know it will be the new road racing rookie car (don’t worry Solstice fans, the Solstice will still be an integral part of iRacing); or that the Mazda will be available in both right hand drive (MX5 Cup) and left hand drive (MX5 Roadster) versions. And yes, as part of the basic package, the MX5 Cup and Roadster will both be free to all iRacers.

Regardless of the steering wheel location, you’ll need someplace nifty to race your shiny new MX5. Where better than (also free) Okayama International Raceway? The former home of the Pacific Grand Prix (1993-94), the 11 turn, 2.3 mile road course is set to join Brands Hatch, Silverstone, Oulton Park, Zandvoort and Phillip Island on iRacing’s expanding catalogue of renowned international circuits in 2011.

We've made our list and checked it twice: that’s two new tracks and two new cars (four if you count both versions of the MX5 and you have purchased the SK Modified). Ho-Ho-Ho!
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Release Notes für Season 2 2011 (27.04.11)


Hosted Sessions
- Added the ability to purchase a session based on number of hours. The options are 2, 4 and 6 hours.
- Changed it so you can limit the race portion of your hosted session by laps, minutes or both (laps or minutes). If you select both, the race will conclude when X laps have completed or Y minutes have passed, whichever happens first.
- Added the ability to schedule hosted sessions to launch at some time in the future. The default is "now" but you can use a date picker to select a date in the future (up to 1 year) and specify a time. You should specify the date and time in your local time. You have to pick a time at least 15 minutes in the future.
- When you schedule a hosted session you will see it appear in the top part of the hosted sessions page. You'll see a new icon to the right that has a cancel link to cancel the session. You aren't charged until the session launches. At this time it isn't possible to edit a session once you have scheduled it. You will have to cancel and recreate.

Series Stats
- Fix to properly display PRO/WC licenses.

Mixed-Class Scoring
- If only a single driver registers for a mixed-class race in a particular class of car, that driver may only receive 50% of the full championship points that are available to drivers in that car class.

- Fix to include series name and season name rather than just season name when the user is registered for a race.

Series and Driver Stats CSV Exports
- Added custid to csv exports for series stats and driver stats.

Event Results CSV Exports
- The csv export functionality has been enhanced to allow you to export each individual portion of a race session. For example, if you have a hosted session with a qualifier and race component you can now export the race and qualifier results as separate csv files. You will notice that rather than having a single "OUTPUT CSV" button there is now a button in each results table.
- There is also a new session summary that will appear at the top of the csv file by default. This provides some useful information that had been missing from the export.
- The feature was designed to be backward compatible with existing automated scripts. Your existing scripts should work the same way. You will only need to make a change if you want to include the new summary information in your export. To do so you need to append "&includeSummary=1" to your GetEventResultsAsCSV request.

Forum Private Message Notifications
- Added a new section to the site footer that displays how many unread private messages you have.
- Added a new section to the site footer that notifies you if your private message box is full.
- Added a forum profile link added to the helmet pop-ups throughout the site. This will provide a way to search for a member and then easily jump to their forum profile for watching/ignoring.

Practice Sessions
- Open Practice sessions for the majority of series have been opened up for all license levels.

- The personal stats page has been reworked to now have 3 tabs (Career, Awards and Certificates). The Certificates tab will contain all of your earned certificates (Driving School Completion, First Road Win, Season Race Overall, etc). The Awards tab will contain all of the NEW "Achievement" type awards (Hard Charger, iLetYouWin, Picasso, etc). Achievements are not retroactive, so get out there and start earning them!

- Updated code to facilitate the moving of clubs between regions on a per quarter basis.

- It is now possible to "watch" a member's forum activity. From a member's forum profile you can select to watch/unwatch a member. Every time a member you are watching makes a forum post you will receive an email with a link to the post.
- It is now possible to ignore a member's forum activity. This choice is available in the member's profile and from the profile section to the left of each post. If you choose to ignore a member all of that member's posts will be hidden to you in the threads and replace by a subdued message "You are ignoring <Member Name>". To stop ignoring a member, you need to visit that member's forum profile and choose to stop ignoring them. You can get to the member's forum profile by clicking on their name in the subdued message or by selecting the "Forum Profile" link from that member's helmet pop-up anywhere on the member site. Ignoring a member does not block Private Messages from that user.
- Private Message inbox full indicator added. This message will be displayed in a black message bubble at the top of the forums.
- "Edit" and "Quote" text has been added to the icons for each post.

- IE9 has been added to the list of allowed browsers.

Reference Documents Page
- This has been rewritten to better organize the documents and make it much easier to find what you are looking for.

Live Broadcast Bar
- There is a new live broadcast bar that appears at the top of the member's site to notify you that a live broadcast is happening on iracing.com. It will appear 5 minutes prior to a broadcast and links out to the live broadcasts page on iracing.com.

Driving School
- There are a few known issues with the youtube video player. The popup resolution menu doesn't work properly. You should be able to change your resolution by clicking on the resolution icon itself rather than mousing over it. Similar issue with the volume control. To change your volume you should click on the volume icon but rather than using your mouse to change the volume use your keyboard's up/down arrows.

Car Number Preference
- You may choose a "preferred" car number for each car that you have purchased. Visit the My Racing/Customise Car(s) page and enter your preferred car number for each car. You may choose any 1- or 2-digit car number, with or without leading zeros, except that car number "0" is disallowed.
- Your preferred car number will be considered in all sessions except Races within Official iRacing series, where car numbers will be assigned by iRating, as before. With thousands of members on the service, it is inevitable that two or more people that have chosen the same preferred car number will join the same session.
- For sessions that can be registered for while in progress (open practices, and hosted sessions), you will be assigned your preferred number if no other driver that has previously joined the session was given that number. Otherwise, the server will assign an unused number to you. Your car number for a session can not be changed once one has been assigned to you. Withdrawing from the session, selecting a different number on the Customise Car(s) page, and rejoining the session will not change the car number that you were previously assigned.
- For sessions that require registration before the event starts (qualify, time trial, unofficial race), the service will prioritize requests for car numbers as follows:

1) A driver with a higher license has higher priority.
2) For drivers with the same license, the driver with the higher Safety Rating has higher priority.
3) If both license and SR are the same, the driver with the higher Corners Per Incident rating has higher priority.
4) In the unlikely even that all of those measures are the same, the system will prioritize the conflicting drivers.

- The preferred car number selection for a driver will be ignored if a higher priority driver has the same preference.
- Drivers that have no preference (or whose preference is being ignored) will be ordered by iRating and assigned car numbers counting from "1", but skipping any preferred car numbers that were allowed.


- Added app.ini option [view] DriverHeadNoPitch to lock head to horizon in pitch. This may be useful for people with motion platforms and static displays (such as a motion seats)
- Limited effect of pitch/roll lock to horizon to only ~25 deg.
- File dialog now supports pressing enter key as click/double click when file/folder selected in list.
- File dialog now handles partial path in filename properly.
- SoftTH 2.05 is now allowed to proxy D3D9.dll.
- Added keyboard support for focus on pace car and focus on most interesting using the *<driver><enter> keyboard shortcut (0 - pacecar, -1 to -3 focus on)

Graphics Engine
- A change was made to the shadow map system such that only one dynamic shadow map render target will update per frame. Previously, going around a turn might cause several to update all in the same frame resulting in a noticeable stutter on some PCs.
- Let windowed display grow to maximum size of desktop, not just primary display (the window can now span multiple monitors). On some systems spanning monitors may cause a significant drop in frame rate.
- A new option "PixelRatioWindowed" has been added to app.ini. In conjunction with the existing "pixelRatio", you may now specify different pixel ratios for windowed and full-screen modes.

Headlights At Night Tracks
- A preliminary version of headlight support for night racing at road courses has been added. Of course, only cars that actually have headlights will light up the track in front. You may drive cars without headlights in the dark, but you won't be able to see very well at all! Our current cars that have headlights are the Chevrolet Corvette C6R, Ford Falcon FG01 V8, Ford Mustang FR500S, Volkswagen Jetta TDI Cup, Mazda MX-5 Cup and Roadster, Riley MkXX DP, and Pontiac Solstice. (Note: our Radical SR8 does not have headlights at this time - the one we scanned did not have headlights installed)
- In the advanced graphics options there is a new option labeled "Headlight Detail." This has four settings, which allows you to adjust the headlight quality vs. performance tradeoff to match your PC's capabilities. If you have pixel shaders disabled, you may only select DISABLED or LOW.

- Headlights Detail options:
LOW - This is the fastest version of the headlights support. It works very well from in car. The main issue is that headlights illuminate both sides of walls and all sides of trackside objects, rather than just the side the headlight is located on. It also suffers from banding and aliasing in the headlight effects. If you have pixels shaders disabled, this mode provides even higher performance than with pixel shaders enabled. If having frame rate issues at Sebring night, try setting headlight detail to low, unchecking headlights on track in mirrors, turning off pixel shaders, and restarting the session. If this doesn't help see the info about the DISABLED option below.

MED - This version makes it so that headlights don't show up on the backsides of walls and objects, and reduces aliasing a bit. The main issue is that colored headlights (such as the yellow headlights of the C6R) only work on the track surface, and show up as white light on walls, trackside objects, and reflectors.

HIGH - This version provides the best quality by far, with colored headlights working on the track surfaces, walls, reflectors and trackside objects, and it also virtually eliminates all of the banding in the illumination of the track surface.

DISABLED - If after testing some night tracks on LOW, your system cannot provide acceptable frame rates, you may choose this option as a last resort, which will disable nearly all of the headlight effects. This may allow you to still run at the well lit night ovals (Richmond/Bristol) where headlights aren't needed. If you only ever run ovals, this is the best setting for you. WARNING: Don't try to drive at Sebring night without headlights if you value your safety rating.

- A related setting in the advanced graphics options is the "Headlights on track in mirrors" checkbox. When enabled the simulation will render the headlight illumination onto the track surface in each of your mirrors. This will affect your frame rate to some extent, so you might want to test it both ways in an open practice session with lots of cars around to check the difference in quality/performance of the racing experience. It may provide useful, when racing, to see the headlights coming up in your mirrors on the track surface however.

- In addition to the above options there are two options hidden in renderer.ini:
MonochromeHeadlights = 0

Enabling procedural headlights will cause your car's headlights (and only yours), to be generated procedurally using a shader, so that bumps affect the light cone somewhat. This is an experimental feature, but it is a neat effect. It's not quite done yet, but it is cool already.

Enabling monochrome headlights will cause all car's headlights to render as white light, providing a bit less banding, and a bit higher performance in some cases.

- A new app.ini setting may fix crackles on some sound cards when using fmod. Add a new line containing overrideFmodFormat=1 to the [Audio] section of app.ini to enable this. If it does not help, remove the new line. This is applied by default to sound devices using chipsets made by Sigmatel.

New Telemetry SDK
- We have created a new telemetry SDK that supercedes the old SDK. The old SDK still functions, so pre-existing tools will still function for now.
- This new SDK now supports unlimited clients connecting to the iRacing sim. Now you can run your motion platform, external gauges, and live telemetry app all at once.
- It is possible for a connected client to send commands for remote control of replay and camera selection.
- The live information available to connected clients is suitable for running motion platforms, or gauges, or broadcaster support applications, but does not include the full array of on-car telemetry data, which only goes to telemetry files recorded to disk.
- A comprehensive array of on-car telemetry can now be recorded to disk while driving, for analysis using external telemetry tools when you finish driving your car, such as ride height sensors, shock travel, acceleration, etc.
- Pressing the alt-L key when in-car will start/stop recording to disk. Pressing alt-L while at the replay screen will have the sim automatically start recording each time you get into your car. Telemetry files are saved in a binary .ibt file (short for iRacing binary telemetry) located in the [my documents]\iracing\telemetry\ folder. The file will stop recording and close when you get out of your car, so that you can alt-tab to an external analysis tool and load the file up for analysis without having to quit the sim.
- A third party telemetry analysis application will be made available at some point "soon."

- The sim will now snap any setup values to validly achievable increments. Old setups which have values that cannot be achieved any more will automatically be converted when loaded. Adjusting a setting to the minimum or maximum will no longer result in a different set of increments.

New Pit Crew with Damage Repair
- The existing pit crew has been replaced with a new flexible scripting system for ALL of our cars. All cars now have their own unique pit stop behavior, including having the car jacked into the air, and also the pit crew can make repairs when a car is damaged. All cars now have full pit control black boxes and pit crews, even our rookie cars that did not previously have the ability to make pit stops. The pit crew is still entirely invisible, you will only see the effects of their work on your car.
- Every car has its own invisible pit crew. The performance of the pit crew is dependent on the level of the car, the higher level cars have much quicker, more effective pit crews, while the lower level cars have amatuer crews who are competent, but not as on the ball as the pros. Some cars fuel continuously, while others fill using multiple cans of gasoline. Some of the higher level cars use 12 gallon cans, while many of the lower level cars refuel using 5 gallon containers. (This can take a while if you're filling a 22 gallon tank using dinky little 5 gallon cans!) Some cars are jacked up outside first, then inside. Some are front, then rear, or front and rear at once. Some are air jacked all at once.
- While some of the cars we model are fuelled separately from when they are having their tires changed in their real life series, we have made the decision that all our cars can fuel and do other pit work at the same time. This is for consistency between our own cars as we can run any cars together in multi-class events at any time.
- There is a new race control rule called the Repairs Needed rule. This rule will show a meatball black flag (a black flag with an orange circle in the middle) if race control has decided your car must pit for repairs - a smoking engine or some kind of leak will trigger a meatball. You must pit within 4 laps - INCLUDING caution laps - to have your car seen to or race control will disqualify you. Finishing the race while carrying the meatball black flag will not give any post race penalty, so it is feasible to limp a car to the finish if you're close enough to the end of the race. Race control will not issue a meatball black flag to a driver who is being shown the white flag, or after race is over.
- Your car will not be allowed to leave its pitstall if the pit crew are not able to repair your car enough to pass black flaggable levels of damage. Your pit crew will tell you that they can't fix your car. If you have a fast-tow available, you may exit your car and re-enter to get a fresh car and continue the race.
- Your pitstall information box will show you the amount of time remaining for required and optional repairs. Work on required repairs is begun as various pit crew members finish their pitstop tasks and begin working on your damage. You will not be allowed to exit your pit stall until required damage repairs are completed. Once they are completed the pit flagger will lift his lollipop and you may choose to drive away if you don't want to spend time working on optional repairs, but if you sit and wait, they will work on optional repairs for as long as you want to wait for.
- Any penalties are served once all regular pitstop activities and required damage repair are completed, but before any optional damage begins repairing. The flagger guy will hold you in your stall until the penalty is served, then lift his lollipop and you may choose to drive away if you don't want to spend time working on optional repairs.

- We have improved the accuracy of how our physical surface model uses the laser scan surface data. This makes a significant improvement to every track, particularly tracks with crowning or concave banking. The result is that many cars feel a lot better to drive at many tracks, particularly road courses. But also some of the oval cars will likely need a little setup tweaking, as the more accurately captured concave banking will cause the right rear tire to generate a little more grip relative to the left rear and thus rotate a little more than previously when on throttle, making your old setups possibly a bit too oversteery.
- Brakes are now modelled as a proper rotational position based torsional spring so they can hold the wheel to its exact position better than the previous brake model which was purely velocity based and could allow a weird visual wheel rotation to occur when stopped but trying to accelerate against the brakes. Has no effect when driving at speed, only when a wheel is supposed to be held stationary.

- Only cars that have a starter motor can start or restart a stalled engine any time you want. To start a car with no starter motor it must either be in the correct pitstall or in your gridstall prior to the race beginning, where the pitcrew is available to start your motor on request. So, if you turn off or otherwise stall your Williams FW31, Dallara, Sprint Car, or Silver Crown during a race, you will need to tow back to your pitstall to get going again. Note that the anti-stall clutch aid typically prevents a car from stalling during driving conditions, so make sure you don't go turning the car off when out on track!
- Window nets and some other graphical elements in car cockpits have been animated to simulate movement with wind speed.
- Metal shaders have been adjusted to better represent chrome materials.
- All cars have had their fuel level minimums, maximums, and increments fine tuned for consistency.

Skip Barber Formula 2000
- Graphical model rebuilt to match the standards of our more current cars.

Riley MkXX Daytona Prototype
- Re-tuned dive planes so they may be used without excessive drag or balance change. This still requires an increase of the rear wing to balance it, but that is now well within the range of adjustment of the rear wing.
- Fuel cell resized to match newly introduced 2011 20 gallon fuel limit (down from 24 gal).

Dallara IndyCar
- The pit crew will now apply external cooling fans when the car is sitting on the grid or in the pit stall waiting for a race to start, or when sitting in the pit stall during non-race times, or during a lengthy repair. Like the rest of the pit crew, these are invisible cooling fans.

Williams-Toyota FW31
- The pit crew will now apply external cooling fans when the car is sitting on the grid or in the pit stall waiting for a race to start, or when sitting in the pit stall during non-race times, or during a lengthy repair. Like the rest of the pit crew, these are invisible cooling fans.
- The pit crew will put tire warmers on when the car is sitting on the grid or in the pit stall waiting for a race to start, or when sitting in the pit stall during non-race times. Like the rest of the pit crew, these are invisible tire warmers.

Chevrolet Silverado
- Shark fin added when at restrictor plate tracks.

New 2011 Chevrolet Impala Class B
- We have an updated version of the Chevrolet Impala Class B for 2011 that is very nearly ready for release, featuring a "preview" version of Dave Kaemmer's long awaited new tire physics model. If you own the existing Nationwide car you will get it free as the new car is a part of the same car package you already own. It will be made available at some point within the next week or three, once all the details are finalized for public consumption. We apologize for the delay.

- Many tracks have had more pit stalls added so more cars can be run at once. See the attached spreadsheet for exact details on which tracks and pit stalls have been altered.

- Now has a selectable night mode.
- Club configuration rolling start no longer goes green immediately.

- Now available. Features two configurations: Full and Short.

- The distance and length of time that a driver can drive backwards in a commercial setting before being disqualified for reckless driving has been increased so that the driver has more time to notice and comply with the warning they are being given.
- An option has been added to commercial.ini ([Server] enable_backwards_dq) that can be used at a commercial site to prevent race control from disqualifying a driver that drives backwards. The driver will still be told that they are driving the wrong direction, but will not be disqualified and yanked out of the car no matter how long they do so.
- An option has been added to app.ini ([Drive Screen] resetCanExitCar) that can be used to disable the ability of the car-reset control to exit the car while sitting in your pit stall.
- A bug that could cause a Spectator node to ignore paint schemes and instead display all cars in solid white has been fixed.
- The default background images shown on a Display node are particular to the NASCAR Hall of Fame. You can now create and use your own custom images. Create 24-bit Windows .bmp files to be used as the backgrounds for the screens you want to change, and place those files into the iRacing installation directory. Use the following file names for their respective screens:

leaderboard.bmp - for the Leaderboard display
message.bmp - for the System Message display
podAssign.bmp - for the Pod Assignments display
results.bmp - for the Results display

Make the images the width and height that you intend to use as the desktop size on the Display node, and adjust the [WindowSize] width and height settings in commercialDisplay.ini to match. For the best image quality, all of the images should be the same pixel size, and should match the intended display resolution.
If you replace the Pod Assignment background image, you will also need to update the commercialDisplay.ini to specify the (X,Y) pixel locations of the center of the boxes into which driver's names will be positioned.
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Release Notes vom 29.07.2011

Website :

Race Panel Changes
- Added a visual MPR indicator that is displayed between the car and the sessions box. This provides a quick and easy indication if you are racing up, down or equal to your license level.
- Added a track confirmation dialog to the race panel. It is displayed when you click on a registration link in the race panel and the track associated with the session is different from what is currently displayed in the race panel. This should help to avoid issues that happen when we approach race week cutovers where people register for sessions on different tracks than they expected.

Driver Stats
- The driver stats page now includes the checkbox Active Drivers, which will restrict the result set to currently active members.

- The method by which the iRating ranges that define divisions are selected has been adjusted. The old method tried to ensure that a fairly consistent number of drivers would be placed into each division. The new method instead tries to balance the expectation that drivers within a division will be competitive with each other. With the new method, some divisions will have a fairly large number of drivers (generally the middle divisions), while some divisions will have relatively few drivers (generally the outer (low and high) divisions).

Hardcore Mode in Hosted Sessions
- The session host now has the ability to configure what driving aids will be allowed in their hosted session. On the "host a race" page you will see a new "Click here for more settings" link. This displays a popup where you can select either "Disallow all driving aids (but clutch assist OK)" or "Allow all driving aids". If driving aids are enabled the user will still need to enable the aids in-sim in order to activate them for the session.

Join a Race Page Reorganization
- This page has been reorganized to show your pending and rejected sessions at the bottom rather than top of the UI. Also, there is a new link that allows you to view your rejected sessions for the last 30 days rather than the default of 8 hours.

Hosted Sessions
- When you include a lone qualifier in your session you will now need to provide a duration in minutes as well as laps. This helps to avoid situations where the qualifier session terminates earlier than you may have expected. Another added benefit is that if you configure a 2 lap qualifier over 30 minutes you can now join at any point during the 30 minutes and run your 2 laps. Previously you needed to join right at the start of the qualifier.
- You can no longer specify the race duration by laps alone. You can specify either minutes or laps+minutes. As with lone qualifiers this is a measure to ensure that your session executes exactly as you expect it to. Previously, when you specified a duration in laps the system calculated a duration in minutes and in some cases the end result was not what you expected it to be.
- Fixed an issue with night racing and hosted sessions. If a user creates a hosted session with night mode enabled, then goes in to create another one by using last settings and changes the track to a non-night-mode track we will attempt to create a hosted session with night mode enabled on a track where it isn't supported and throw an error.
- Fixed an issue with fixed setups. The bug prevented the user from selecting a canned iracing setup unless they had already uploaded at least one custom setup for the relevant car.
- Changed lone qualifiers to allow 1 lap.
- Changed open practices to be as short as 5 minutes.

- Added a new menu item to the HOSTED nav menu that links out to the "Featured Leagues" page oniracing.com.
- Added night race designation to series schedule page and the series schedule pdf.
- Added missing track config to open practice widget.
- Added Firefox 5 to the list of supported browsers.

Tournament Racing
- This feature is an extension to hosted racing. It enables you to run tournaments by linking together multiple hosted sessions. The results from one hosted session can be used to determine eligibility for subsequent rounds in the tournament.
- A tournament consists of an initial round followed by any number of preliminary rounds followed by a final round. Each tournament round can be configured to run on up to 10 servers. The initial round of a tournament is open to everybody unless the host provides a password (just like with regular hosted sessions).
- Eligibility for subsequent tournament rounds is controlled by the host. When setting up a subsequent round the host uses a grid builder to control who is eligible to compete and how the grids will be structured.

Creating a Tournament
- You can create a tournament by going to HOSTED --> Host a Tournament Race on the main navigation bar. You will be presented with the option to create a new tournament or continue an active tournament. You can create as many tournaments as you would like. When creating a new tournament, the name that you provide for the first round becomes the tournament name. You cannot schedule multiple rounds for a single tournament at the same time. In other words you can only continue a tournament if the last round of the tournament has completed.
- The user interface will be very familiar to people who have configured hosted sessions in the past. When setting up a tournament round other than the initial round you will see a new configuration section called "RACE FIELD + GRID CONFIGURATION" that has a link to the grid builder.
- Once inside the grid builder the host first populates the race field with all of the drivers who will be eligible to complete. The typical use case is for the host to pull drivers from the prior round in the tournament. The host can choose to advance all drivers from the prior session or apply entry criteria (top N or top N%). The host can also add additional drivers by customer id. For this initial release it is only possible to pull drivers from the most recent tournament round for which there are results. We expect to expand this area with a "grid rule builder" that will allow you to configure F1 style gridding where you advance some drivers from the prior round, other drivers from 2 rounds ago etc.
- Once the race field is set, the host needs to assign drivers to each of the race servers. This will establish the grid(s) for this round of the tournament. This can be done automatically by selecting a grid algorithm or by dragging drivers from the race field and dropping them onto the race server of choice. Once the drivers have been moved onto the race servers the host still has the flexibility to use the drag and drop method to change the grid order per server or move drivers between servers.
- The automatic grid algorithms first rank all of the drivers in the field. They look at the prior round in the tournament. If the prior round had a race component, the primary ranking will be done by race position in the prior round. If the prior round didn't have a race component, the primary ranking will be done by qualifier time from the prior round. iRating is used as a secondary ranking criteria if race position/qualifying time are not available.

- With this first release there are 7 supported grid algorithms:

1) Sequential - This algorithm loops through the drivers putting driver 1 on server 1 slot 1, driver 2 on server 1 slot 2 etc. until server 1 is full. When server 1 is full it moves on to server 2 and so on until we either run out of drivers or server slots. For further illustration consider a 6 driver field with 2 servers and 3 drivers per server. The grid would look as follows:

Server 1 Server 2
------------ ------------
driver 1 driver 4
driver 2 driver 5
driver 3 driver 6

2) Sequential (inverted) - The list of drivers is inverted prior to applying the sequential algorithm described above.
3) Snake - This algorithm is used when gridding across multiple servers. For illustration consider a 6 driver race field with 2 servers and 3 drivers allowed per server. The grid would look as follows:

Server 1 Server 2
------------ ------------
driver 1 driver 2
driver 4 driver 3
driver 5 driver 6

4) Snake (inverted) - This algorithm simply inverts the driver list prior to applying the snake algorithm described above.
5) Top 8 Inverted - This is a modified sequential algorithm where the top 8 drivers in the list are inverted prior to applying the sequential algorithm described above.
6) Top 10 Inverted - This is also a modified sequential algorithm where the top 10 drivers in the list are inverted prior to applying the sequential algorithm described above.
7) Random - This algorithm randomly shuffles the driver list prior to applying the sequential algorithm above.

- When configuring a tournament round that is not the initial round but that does have a qualifier component, the system will use the qual times from the qualifier component to override the grid that was saved by the host. In this instance the grid builder determines which drivers will connect to which race servers but the grid order is not used.

Joining a Tournament Session
- Tournament sessions that are ready for joining are presented on the "HOSTED - Join a Race" page off of the main navigation bar. You will notice that the "F" column denoting fixed setups has been replaced with a tournament column that will show a trophy icon if the session is part of a tournament. Mousing over the session name will show the tournament name.
- When a tournament round is configured to run on multiple servers you will see multiple entries in the list. Each represents an individual race server. When joining the initial round of a tournament you can join whichever session has availability. When joining a subsequent round you will only be allowed into the session that you were assigned to by the host.
- When competing in the initial round of a tournament you are not allowed to join multiple sessions. In other words, if there was an initial round qualifier on 4 servers, you cannot withdraw from one server and join a different one to try and improve your time.

Viewing Tournament Results

- You can view tournament results by going to HOSTED --> Tournament Results on the main navigation bar. The filters on this page are essentially a subset of the filters on the hosted results page.
- You will see a list of tournaments that match your filter criteria. Each item in the list can be expanded to show a list of the tournament's rounds. Each round in the tournament can be expanded to show round details. The round details include a summary of the round as well as a listing of what drivers advanced from this round to the next round, what drivers did not advance to the next round and the results for this round. The results for the round include a graphic display of the grids and finish positions with links out to the individual session results.
- The round details will change over time depending upon the status of the tournament. For example, we cannot show the results for a round that hasn't completed yet. Another example is that we can't show the list of drivers who advanced until the next round of the tournament has been configured.

Known Issues / Limitations with this release
- No multiclass support Traurig . You are limited to a single car type for each round in the tournament.
- The "USE LAST SETTINGS" and "RESET" buttons are not supported. We may forego the "USE LAST SETTINGS" button in favor of always initializing the host a race page with the configuraiton of the prior round of the tournament. This is to be determined.
- No CSV export of tournament results. You can go into each session individually and export those results.
- No filtering of tournament results based on content.
- It is possible to add the same driver to the grid twice. Until we address this be careful when dragging and dropping drivers on to the grid to be sure you aren't putting the same driver onto two different servers.
- There is a drag-and-drop issue with Chrome where the driver's name may not be visible until you begin to drag them.
- Initial round tournament results may not always correctly display the "advancing" and "not advancing" drivers.
- The only way to conclude a tournament is to create a round with the "Final round" designation. We intend to provide an additional mechanism that will allow you to conclude your tournament at any time. One instance where this would be useful is if you configure your final round but forget to configure it as the final round. For now if you run into this issue please contact customer support and we can manually adjust the tournament for you.
- The grid builder user interface is not as responsive as we would like, especially when generating a grid with a lot of drivers. We intend to improve the performance and also add a "please wait" message to make it obvious that the system is processing your request.
- There have been cases in testing where the "join a race" page will show that a session is full just after being created. This situation typically clears up on page refresh and the session becomes joinable.

Mutual Friends System
- The "Friends System" has been changed to a "Mutual Friend System". This is to facilitate the new website integrated chat system, as you can only chat with mutual friends. This means that you now must send a friend request to a member and they have to accept it before it will flag you as friends in the system. To facilitate this change we have moved all of your current friends into your "Studied" list and removed all friends from your account. We have increased the maximum number of studied members and friends to be 100 each. We are going to look at increasing this restriction in the near future.
- You can view your incoming and outgoing friend requests at the bottom of the My Racers page, which can be accessed in the navigation by going to MyRacing-> MyRacers. For the time being you will need to visit this page to see if you have any incoming requests. We are working on putting in a notification system to let you know when you have a new request, but it did not make this release.
- The helmet pop-ups on the site have been changed to facilitate these changes. The new options you may see are "Send Friend Request", "Revoke Friend Request", "Remove Friend" and "Accept Friend Request". If you choose "Remove Friend", it will remove the friendship flag from both member accounts.
- Once you are Mutual Friends with a member you will be able to use the integrated chat system to contact one another if you both meet the Integrated Chat requirements.

Racers Online
- We have adjusted the Racers Online count so that 10 min of inactivity (leaving the site) will remove them from the online list.

BETA FEATURE - Browser Integrated Text Chat
- We are providing browser integrated text chat as a BETA feature. This will allow all members to try it out, if they wish, and help provide any feedback or issues. This is an opt in feature, so to use it you must go to the General Tab on the Settings Panel (the settings panel is opened by clicking on the gear icon on the right hand side of the page under the race panel) and selecting "Enable Integrated Chat".

Integrated chat requirements:
- You must have your online status set as available (This setting is available on the general tab of the settings panel)
- You must have Integrated Chat Enabled (This setting is available on the general tab of the settings panel). After enabling or disabling this feature you must reload the browser page or change pages for the change to take effect.
- You must have a mutual friend who also meets criteria #1 and #2. (Only mutual friends can chat with one another, see *Mutual Friends System* in these release notes )

Items To Note:

- You do not need to have the Simulation Software installed to use the new chat feature. It is completely web-based. You will be able to tell if you are logged into the chat server if the little chat bubble on the footer of your browser is white. You can mouse over the chat bubble for a tooltip to see your online status.
- The chat feature will only work in one instance of a browser. For instance, if you have 3 Firefox windows opened to the iRacing member site, only one of those windows will have the chat enabled/available. The chat system is really made for only visiting the site in one browser version at a time, so visiting the site and attempting to use chat in both Internet Explorer and Firefox at the same time, for example, will lead to strange results (messages only going to one of the browsers) and is not supported.
- The chat is disabled on certain pages of the site including the My Account section and the Shopping Cart Checkout pages. Additionally, when you join an online session your browser goes to a page that has a continue link on it. This page does not have chat enabled and it does not make any additional web traffic while you are racing, that way you will not be receiving messages while you are in an event. Another good reason for only using one browser window for visiting the member site.
- You should be able to embed links in your chat messages. Emoticons are not supported however.

To start a chat with a mutual friend:
- Mouse over the "myRacers Online" area in the footer of the site. If any of your friends are available to chat they will have a white "chat bubble icon" next to their name. If you click on the chat bubble a chat box will appear at the bottom of the page where you can start a conversation with them

To clear message history with a user:
- When you change pages on the site your chat history should be maintained in the chat boxes that you have left open.
- If you have long message history with a friend and it is causing any site issues, you can have the system clear the chat history for that conversation by completely closing the chat window with that user. The next message from the user will start a new message thread.

If you start having issues:
- Please report them in the "Feedback"->"Problem Reporting" Forum Thread.
- Don't forget that you can always completely disable this feature, by going to the General Tab of the Settings Panel and selecting "Disable Integrated Chat".

- For this release we've added a new set of awards. Like the first set, most of these will not be retroactive so you can go get them now!

New awards include:
- Hard Charger Awards - Start in the bottom 10% of grid, finish in top 10% of grid with no incidents in an official race with grid size of at least 10.
- Polesitter Awards - Start an official race from the 1st spot on the grid for your car class.
- World Traveler - Drive at every track in an open practice, hosted session, time trial, or race.
- Jack of All Trades - Drive in every car in an open practice, hosted session, time trial, or race.
- Club Contributor - Win points for your club.
- Club President - Win the most points for your club in a season.
- iRating Awards - Awarded the first time you cross each of 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000, 7000, 8000, and 9000 iRating.
- Overachiever - Win an oval race that counts toward your MPR while having the best iRating in the field.
- Cruise Control - Win a road race that counts toward your MPR while having the best iRating in the field.
- We have also fixed up the Clean Race and Safe Driver awards. They now both require that a driver scores championship points and completes 50% of the laps the class winner completes, rounded down, in a field of at least 10 drivers in your class. Anyone who accidentally earned these awards previously will have them removed so you can try for them again.


New Tire Model
The new tires are now on the three top oval vehicles: the Cup car, Nationwide car, and Truck (Nascar A, B, and C series). They are also now on the Skip Barber Formula car, as well as the two new cars, the Ford GT and the Acura LMP car. The new tires continue to be developed, and we will be rolling out more cars with the new tires as we are able. Setups for cars other than the Skip Barber car will need to be adjusted—we have included some new baseline setups with the affected cars.

The tires are a bit more forgiving than in the preview release of the Nationwide car. Low pressures are no longer necessarily the way to go for the fastest laps. If your car feels unstable under braking, try moving the brake bias more forward (higher front bias percentage), since we’ve found that many of the road cars seem to have too rearward of a brake bias on the new tires if using the old setting.

Cars with NTM: Chevrolet Impala, Chevrolet Impala Class B, Chevrolet Silverado, Formula Skip Barber 2000, HPD ARX-01c, Ford GT.

- Fixed a bug where shadow volumes were sometimes not rendered for an object when shadow maps are enabled and preferred, but the object is set to only render shadow volumes.
- Worked around an issue where massive distortion could occur in the side monitors of a 3-monitor setup when the camera has a lot zoom (very small FOV) and the side monitors form a large angle (> 45 deg) from the center monitor's plane. When a TV camera has a lot of zoom, the eye dist has to be pushed very far away from the center screen so that the monitor's FOV matches the real world FOV from that distance. However, unless you moved your head then to that far away spot, the distortion would be visible. To reduce this distortion, the angle of the side monitors is now reduced from their current angle down to 10 deg as the eye dist pushes away from the center screen. Although this results in different distortions, they are minor compared to the original issue. To override this new behavior (if necessary for some reason), in renderer.ini, under [MonitorSetup], set Min3ViewZoomDistortion=0. It is otherwise enabled by default.

Depth Of Field Effect
- A depth-of-field effect may now be enabled during replays via the replay options screen (see the lower right corner of the replay options screen for the new "depth of field effect" check box, which will requires a restart to take effect). WARNING: Enabling this effect will consume a large chunk of video memory for all of the off-screen render targets required to accomplish the effect. This effect also requires pixel shaders to be enabled.
- When the effect is enabled, each camera's depth of field is calculated using equations from optics which take into account the camera's focal length, aperture, and current focus setting. The focal length of each camera is determined via its current field-of-view. Telephoto style shots (with a very narrow field of fiew) require long focal lengths and help best show off the effect. Camera apertures are adjustable via the camera tool (CTRL-F12) , and are specified as a fraction of the lens' focal length. The first entries in the aperture drop list, f/1.0, f/1.4, f/1.0, f/2.4, etc., result in the largest apertures. To maximize the blur effects make the aperture large (a zoomed in camera and a low f-number such as f/1.4). To eliminate any focus related blurs from the shot make the aperture small (a wide field of view and/or a high f-number in the aperture drop list). Pre-existing camera sets default to f/8.0.
- By default most of the replay cameras will auto-focus on the "focus car". To manually set the focus elsewhere check the "Man. Focus" checkbox and use the focus slider to manually adjust the focus.
- The effect breaks down a bit when things near the camera are very out of focus and very blurry and cause things that should be in focus behind them to visibly blur - this is due to a quality vs. performance tradeoff, but generally this tradeoff works out ok (as a starting point). This issue doesn't occur when the focus is close to the camera and distant objects are out of focus.

- Reduced the number of crash sounds we generate and randomly select a sound to attempt to make crashes sound better.
- When mixing stereo sounds to mono (such as listening to the engine sound in some on-car cameras), we no longer mix the left and right channels, now we just play the right channel to eliminate cross cancelation of the low frequency engine sounds.
- Fixed a bug where setting numSoundStreams to anything but -1 resulted in only 16 streams being created.

- Cleaned up spotter and reduced the chances of getting phantom 3-wide calls

Steering Wheel Configuration
- The sim can now recognize steering wheels that have up to 1080 degrees of rotation.
- Improved detection of game pad (hint: move your sticks slower!)
- Added support for mapping the throttle/brake to a button.
- Converted force strength to a range of 0 to 40.
- Enabled a force feedback damping slider. Setting 0 damping will give the cleanest force feedback experience.
- Notify customers that pedals must be pressed slowly to be detected (we need 4 unique samples to detect a pedal)
- Removed brake force curve calibration.
- Cleaned up code to reduce chances of Fanatech wheels locking up.
- Fixed bug with F430 wheels.

Driver Aids
- Additional assistance is available to help you get your favorite car around the track. You can now enable more driver aids in the Options configuration.
- The Racing Line driver aid shows a colorized racing line around the track that is colored red for braking zones, through to green for acceleration zones.
- Brake Assistance prevents you from locking up your brakes.
- Throttle Assistance prevents you from spinning your wheels.
- Driver aids can be enabled or disabled for an online hosted session by the session owner.
- iRacing Rookie series allow driver aids, but series of Class D and above do not allow any driver aids.

- Setup values that are close to the limit of their allowed range will change to a yellow color.

Tech Inspection
- Fixed some bugs with tech inspection. No longer tech inspect when already in a race. No longer lock players out of race if they are in the garage at the start of a race.

- Move telemetry icon so it no longer conflicts with the split time window.
- Hitting 'm' on the keyboard will mark a bit in the telemetry file. Useful for marking interesting events for later review.
- Improved the mapping between the G27 shift lights and the in car lights. Also improved the telemetry as a side effect.

Black Box
- The F3 Relative black box should now show far more consistant time deltas to other cars as you drive around a lap.

Race Control
- Servers now load up car specific lap speeds and timing for each track, so the Gained Time rule should be much more correct in it's assessments of how much time you should give up for cutting a corner.
- Fixed a bug that could possibly cause Could not connect to server errors, or the loss of one pit stall in full sessions.

- Improved the efficiency of the track surface collision computations by about a factor of 2. Tight curbs like the final chicane at Spa should not overwhelm the CPU as much as before. There is potential for further improvements in this area in future releases.
- Fixed a bug in the collision system that has been causing all the axle explosions on the new Chevrolet Impala B, and many of the times a car gets stuck in a wall. Note that you can still get stuck in walls in certain situations, but this is much less of a problem than previously.

- The iRacingUpdater.exe has been tweaked to work more reliably for people who have difficulties during the update process. The initial update will still cause problems because the new updater must be installed using the old updater, but future updates should be a lot more seamless.

- Camera car number hotkey selection now supports leading zeros.
- Fixed a bug where you could stall the motor and not be able to restart it if you locked up your rear wheels while braking with the pit lane speed limiter activated.
- Fixed a bug that could possibly cause "Could not connect to server" errors, or the loss of one pit stall in full sessions.

- Many tracks have had been updated with live timing boards.
- All the NASCAR and several US road course tracks have been visited by the iRacing blimp.


- New Indy Oval configuration added. This configuration is the same as the standard oval except the pit road speed limit starts at a later point.

Charlotte Motor Speedway
- Many visual updates to bring the track up to date.

Iowa Speedway
- Now available!

Suzuka International Racing Course
- Now available!


- Now available!
- This is an AERO car first and foremost, so the low speed handling may be compromised by the choice of springs that will hold it up at high speed and high downforce settings! Depending on the nature of the circuit, you may want the car to trim itself out at high speed, so you'd run stiffer front springs, and softer rears. But if it's a high downforce circuit, you may want to reverse that balance so you can get the nose down on the ground in the braking zones, to help move the aero balance forward so the car turns-in well. Using damper rebound to help hold the nose down may work, but can reduce suspension compiance. It's a tough car to make work well, and will reward a patient driver with good speed and decent handling. Those that expect it to turn well without altering the aero balance may find it to drive like a truck!

Ford GT
- Now available!
- The Ford GT is a tough car to get the handling balance right on. This is really based on the fact that it is a flat bottomed car, that's forced to run a high ride hight. 55mm is the minimum ride height per the ACO Rulebook. Now with the front and rear at minimum, you'd lose a lot of front downforce, so you really want to have the car running close to 10mm of rake as a starting point with all setups. One thing to remember when driving and setting up this car is that to get front downforce (DF), you REALLY need to close up the distance between the splitter and the ground. With a min ride height of 55, the only way to do this is to get weight transfer from braking, whether it's from lifting off the gas, or actively applying the brakes. Both will cause a downforce shift towards the front! HOWEVER, bottoming the splitter WILL cause the front DF to spike and then rebound will and cause all kinds of handling issues. Try to set the car up so that the splitter comes close to the ground, but doesn't actually HIT the ground under braking. We have found a front bumpstop gap of 13-19mm works fairly well, though running stiffer springs, you may not need them that close.

Chevrolet Impala
- Updated to Dave's new tire model.
- The car itself is fully updated with improved suspension, aerodynamics, garage settings.

Chevrolet Impala B
- Updated to the latest version of Dave's new tire model.
- The car itself is fully updated with improved suspension, aerodynamics, garage settings.

Chevrolet Silverado
- Updated to Dave's new tire model.
- The car itself is fully updated with improved suspension, aerodynamics, garage settings.

Formula Skip Barber 2000
- Updated to Dave's new tire model.
- Halve front ride height adjustment range.

Dallara IndyCar
- Collision spheres moved downward to match wear plank on bottom of car.

Riley Daytona Prototype
- Increase susceptibility to aero damage and coolant leaks (due to feedback from Grand Am series impact observations)

Williams FW31
- Fuel mixture adjustment is now available, and is mappable to a new fuel mixture control.
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I hope everyone is enjoying their summer and having fun driving/racing. Now that another build is behind us I thought I would let everyone know what our talented technical staff is working on currently. This is NOT a list of what will be in the next major quarterly build (October) but rather what is in the works at the moment. On the other hand some of it could and will be released before the next major build. Also remember that software development is not always a perfect fit of priority that one might ideally want. It is also about matching skill sets, considering size of projects, balance of short and long term projects and also about laying foundations for things to come.

Here we go:

Priority: New Tire Model improvements to overall model - improvements to specific cars already released - working to get NTM on more cars

Specific work on Ford GT outside of New Tire Model (and NTM). We just received much better data on car so one of our engineers is doing a full review and making appropriate adjustments as needed.

Working on tweaks to several other cars outside of tire model for example to aero and damage

Working on new and more setups for cars with NTM

Working on memory/file size for tracks in general. Very nice progress on this front. Should be a nice overall improvement for frame rates and stuttering issues that some people have.

Specific work to Suzuka to compress graphics to help frame rates and stuttering- want to get this out in a build soon

Replay versioning project: This is significant because it has prevented us from graphically improving cars once we release them. The issue was if we added something new to cars, anything, like brake glow which we have done behind the scenes, we could not add to cars because replays with that car would not work. With this project done, essentially the replays will ignore the new things added to the cars after the replay was captured. This will allow us to add a whole bunch of cool things to the cars that our artist and one of our engineers having been dying to do like brake glow, backfire, pit speed limiters, grill tape (graphically), etc and even things like roof flaps on a stock car although something like roof flaps also requires the physics guys to get involved.

A new bug for bump issue at Darlington track (high groove)

Team racing/Endurance racing/Driver Swaps- BIG project. Single Driver teams with spotter, crew chief and all that plus multi-driver teams. Will be for official racing and hosted racing and special events as in up to 24 hour racing capability which also means being able to join races during the race, leave and come back and all that good stuff. Along with the functionality itself, basically lot of reengineering and additional architecture flexibility needs to be made to overall engine. Lot more news to come about this but can pretty much guarantee this will not be in the October build but making progress.

Making good progress on advancements to new sound system plus adding all sorts on new sounds. Really trying to bring the pits alive for example with new pit sounds. Also new environmental sounds like flyovers, crowd noises, etc.

New graphics and animation: Adding war wagons to pits, work on pit boxes, driver animation, planes, birds*, etc

Significant shader project under way – probably see some of it in next build and the build after.

Some forum functionality improvements already completed and bug fixes done. Also fixed some bugs and made some improvements to the text chat system we just released.

Working an adding a new server farm in Holland. Working on a project at the same time which will allow us to turn server farms on and off by three different settings. Hosted only/Hosted and open practice only/Open All

Three tracks currently in active production: Oulton, Kentucky and Twin Ring. Oulton will be finished first of the three.

Seems like every other build we come back to this. Never ending project working on site optimization. For example, continued refinement of local caching and database optimization which will save hundreds of thousands of calls to the database. Always a big priority, frankly almost above anything else at this point to have fast and stable site. Never ending project, not that sexy, but a substantial use of resources.

Making some improvements to recently released tournament racing. Redesign of hosted page for ease of use and usability. (Lot more will be added to it with driver swaps, etc) While on the subject of tournament racing we can see that over 60 tournaments have been started. I hope people are having fun with that.

Bunch of other little tweaks and bug fixes.

This is not a complete list and subject to change and also not to say something does not get finished, goes into QA and new things get started.

Good Racing!

Quelle: http://members.iracing.com/jforum/posts/list/1712965.page

*Birds Sehr Glücklich
Serverfarm in Holland => Ich hab' Blumen lieb!
OultonPark = Top
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Release Notes for August 29th. Maintenance timing TBD.
Greg Hill

- Now has all basic and fixed setups for all tracks used by this season's series.

Ford GT
- Reduced braking power to allow more brake pedal travel.
- Increased power steering strength to help with the heavy steering.
- Increased front downforce by 10% to help limit nose light conditions, after re-analyzing wind tunnel data.
- Now has all basic and fixed setups for all tracks used by this season's series.

Chevrolet Impala
- Now has all basic setups for all tracks used by this season's series.
- During this season's update a change was made that made older replays not play back properly. This has been fixed.

Chevrolet Silverado
- During this season's update a change was made that made older replays not play back properly. This has been fixed.

Simulation Performance Improvements

There are two new memory related settings in the advanced graphics options, one related to GPU memory availability (video RAM) and the other related to CPU memory availability (system RAM). This change is intended to improve the simulation's scalability, and to help address some of the current memory related performance issues in multi-class sessions.

There is now a new performance meter which helps diagnose memory related issues. It is attached to the L/Q/S meters, and the new meter is named P for "page faults". More information on this new meter follows.

GPU Memory Setting

The "available texture memory slider" is now "Max GPU memory to use", and it now limits how much video memory the simulation will use total rather than how much it will use only for textures. If you have more than one GPU (SLI or Crossfire), set it to the smaller one's memory capacity as resources are duplicated on each GPU.

Max System Memory Working Set Setting

The new "max system memory working set" setting has been added to the graphics options, below the GPU memory slider. It defaults to 1200 MB for systems that have 4 GB or more of system RAM, and 1000 MB for systems that have 2 GB or less. This setting controls (roughly) how much system memory the simulation will use at most. If you have a lot of RAM (4 GB or more) and never have performance issues, you may want to increase this limit a little bit from the default. See the Q&A section below.

Page Fault Meter

A page fault indicator, "(P)age Faults", has been added to the (L)atency/(Q)uality/(S)kew meters. This new meter shows hard page faults and soft page faults as different colors.

Hard Page faults are by far the worst type, and show up as green, yellow, or red, depending on how many are occurring per second. If you see temporary green/yellow/red spikes on this meter it is normal for most PCs. But, if you see constant levels of yellow or red page faults, you may be suffering from a lack of physical memory. To remedy the situation either lower the "max system memory working set" slider in the advanced graphics options to reduce the amount of memory required for the event (and restart the sim), or else it may help to add system RAM to your PC. This meter currently tops out red, at 30 hard page faults per second. A steady stream of even a few faults per second may slow the simulation down significantly as your disk drive is being used as system RAM, so they are to be avoided if possible.

Soft page faults are indicated as a gray bar on the same "P" meter, and are not nearly as serious as hard page faults. However, they are displayed to you as a warning, as they may indicate that either the GPU memory slider, or the CPU working set slider is set too large. If you see a solid gray bar in the "P" meter, try to eliminate it via options, but if you can't, don't worry about it too much, it may be normal in some situations.

Q. What do I set the GPU memory slider too?

A. As a starting point, set it to your GPU's memory. If you have SLI or crossfire, choose the smaller GPU's memory as resources are duplicated on each GPU. If this setting is causing performance problems lower it slightly and retest.

Q. In testing sessions my textures look fairly high-res but when I enter an on-line multi-class session some of the textures look very blurry?

A. The two new memory settings cause this effect. When large tracks and/or more cars types are loaded in a session, more vertices are placed into both system memory and video memory, leaving less space for textures. The texture quality is automatically reduced to fit them into the remaining space. The limiting is necessary to avoid exceeding your PC's capacity.

Q. Cars and trackside objects look like I have them set to MED or LOW detail, but I checked, and they are still at HIGH detail in the options?

A. If the current working set (for the track and cars) is predicted to be way over your specified limit during loading, the simulator may now skip loading the top levels-of-detail for some objects to help reduce the working set to make more room for textures.

Q. I never have performance problems and after the update my textures look very blurry at some events. How do I make it how it used to be?

A. You may be able to adjust your settings to reduce these effects. During the event, go to the advanced graphics settings and look at the reported load of video memory and system memory working set (next to the two new sliders) to determine which setting may be causing the issue:

(A) Check the reported system working set load. If it is approaching the specified limit (within 200 MB or so) then it is likely this setting that is limiting the texture quality too much. You can try increasing the working set slider by 100 MB or so, and then restart the session. Do not raise this setting if it is not the limiting factor. If you start seeing a lot of page faults now on the new "P"age fault meter, or if your performance degrades, then you should probably reduce this setting. Raising this setting too high will result in performance loss, and often will result in page faults. We do not recommend setting this value above 1100 MB for systems with only 2 GB or memory or less. If you have 4 GB or more system memory you may be able to raise this limit substantially without performance problems, but do so carefully. You need to restart the session for the changes to take effect properly, and to test the new settings. If you set this value too high your textures may actually get worse and/or the sim may fail to load at all.

(B) Check the current GPU load is near the specified GPU memory limit (within 100 MB or so) then it may be the setting that is limiting the texture quality too much. In this case you might try to raise it a bit and restart the session. Don't raise this setting if it is not the limiting factor (as it will have no effect), and don't raise it too far. Setting it too high may cause the simulation to fail to load, page faults, worse performance, etc. Generally we do not recommend setting it higher than the actual GPU memory capacity. A different, safer, option to improve texture quality when limited by video memory is to disable some other users of the video memory. For instance, turning off graphics options such as "depth of field" and/or "shadow volumes" (in BOTH replay and graphics settings) will free up a substantial amount of video memory, allowing better texture quality. Selecting "cache swap nearest cars" in the graphics options may help as well when limited by video memory. You need to restart the session for the changes to take effect properly, and to allow you to test the new settings. If you set this value too high your textures may actually get worse and/or the sim may fail to load at all.

Q. I am now having new performance issues after the update?

A. This may be due to the new GPU memory setting. Try lowering your max GPU memory slider from the actual amount of GPU memory to a lesser amount to see if it makes the issues go away. If this doesn't help, put it back to the correct level and try lowering a different setting.

Q. I am getting solid yellow or red bar in the new "P" meter"?

A. Your system is using your disk drive to make up for lack of available physical RAM. The easiest solution is to lower the working set slider in the advanced graphics options to make the simulation use less RAM. If this doesn't work you may benefit by adding RAM to your PC. Other processes and services running on your PC also use RAM, so it can help to reboot your PC and close down as many application as possible before running the simulation - to free up as much physical memory as possible.

Q. I am getting intermittent flashes of green/yellow/red /gray bars on the new "P" meter, but it isn't constant?

A. This is normal, as long as they aren't associated with huge stutters.

Q. I am getting a solid gray bar in the new "P" meter?

A. Your system is incurring a lot of interrupts to manage virtual memory. You may benefit from reducing your GPU memory slider and restarting the sim. If this doesn't help try reducing your system working set memory slider. Soft page faults may not be that bad, but if you can get rid of them, it will surely help performance.

Q. I want to raise my working set beyond 1536 MB but it won't let me in the options screen?

A. You may override the limit by setting it directly in renderer.ini. This is not advised.

Q. I have 2048 MB of video memory but the load never exceeds 800 MB?

A. Due to the possibility of needing to restore a lost Direct3D device (i.e., if you alt-tab in full-screen mode), the simulator keeps copies of textures, vertex buffers, and index buffers in system memory. The video driver also uses system memory in its operation. If the simulator's predicted working set would exceed your specified maximum, the simulator is forced to reduce texture and geometry quality to keep the system memory working set in check. Raising your working set setting may allow your video memory load to increase (after a restart of the session), but doing so may also result in page faults and/or decreased performance for the CPU if set too high.
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